What IS

The Loc Den

The Loc Den is a natural hair salon in Houston, TX specializing in Loc cultivation services for all textures of hair.

Shenate (Loc Den Founder & CEO) began her career self-taught at 13 years old. Initially practicing by serving her mom, friends, and other family members, until she eventually grew her skills and knowledge to heights she never imaged. After years of effort & persistence, Shenate successfully brought The Loc Den to life! Houston’s best natural hair salon in specializing in Loc cultivation. Shenate & The Loc Den staff take pride in servicing their beloved clientele today. 

The Loc Den is committed to informing and educating each client on proper Dreadlock care, health, maintenance, and styling options to ensure they can experience the most successful Loc journey. Know that if you decide to choose The Loc Den for hair care needs, trust we will do everything in our knowledge and power to ensure you always have a pleasant Loc service experience.

Loc Den Stats

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The Loc Den recruits and trains the highest quality talent in the art of cultivating Locs. Your hair is a treasure that should be cherished, trust those with exceptional experience.

Our Team

The Loc Den team are highly trained and continually evolving in their Loctician abilities. Collectively dedicated to serving clients the highest quality Loc servicing. If you’re interested in more of our individual stories, be sure to check-out our individual Loctician biographies.

Shop Etiquette

We ask all booked and prospecting Clients to overview our shop etiquette policies prior to visiting our salon. This information is essential to ensuring that clients are on the same page with our staff and business practices. All clients agree to abide by these outlined expectations when using our services. Know that we greatly appreciate your patronage.

Don’t settle for anything less than the absolute best hair care services.

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