Loctician Training

Develop your loctician skills with our expert lessons

Our Courses

Beginner Level | Intermediate Level | Advanced Level


$135 | 1-Hour Skype or In-Person

  • Starter Locs with comb coils, two Strand Twists, Braid Locs & interlocking.
  • Loc maintenance with palm roll, interlocking & care to insure clients hair is healthy and growing.
  • Basic styling (cornrows, fishtail styles, & updos).


$270 | 2-Hour Skype or In-Person

  • Braid locs & Interlocking maintenance
  • Advanced styling
  • Two and three in one styling
  • Repairs & reconstruction
  • Wrapped Loc Extensions with Human Hair


(Instant locs on Kinky Hair, Caucasian, Asian & Hispanic Hair)

$330 | 2-Hour Skype or In-Person

  • All Crochet services on Kinky, Curly & Straight hair Textures
  • Instant locs
  • Crochet Loc Extensions
  • Repairs on all textures

All Class Levels

$675 | 5-Hour Skype or In-Person

  • How to start and maintain crocheted Locs on African American, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, and Mixed Hair Textures
  • How to Install Loc Extensions on loose hair as well as existing locs
  • How to create pre-made Locs with Afro kinky human hair as well as straight human hair…
  • How to repair locs with and without adding hair.

Learning these techniques will give you the knowledge and skills to create instant locs on any texture of hair

For In-Person Students Lunch & All Tools will be provided: combs, clips, 3 crochet hooks, stands, and hair.