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Loctician Training

Become a Loctician with professional classes provided by Dreadlock experts at The Loc Den

Loctician Workshops 2021!

The Loc Den 2 Natural Hair Salon is hosting a private small group Loctician Training Workshop in Missouri City (SW Houston Area) on November 21st & 22nd from 10 AM to 5 PM!

Experience hands on lessons working with real 4C Afro Kinky texture Mannequin Heads and real human models to learn step by step how to cultivate dreadlocks to be prepared for your future clients!

Why become a Loctician?

Dreadlocks have become one of the most in-demand hairstyles in the world among diverse cultural groups! Mastering the art of Loc maintenance and styling can serve as a highly profitable skill set giving practitioners immense working freedom and flexibility.

For In-Person Students Lunch & All Tools will be provided: combs, clips, 3 crochet hooks, stands, and hair.

Beginner Class

$135 | 1-Hours


  • Starter Locs with comb coils, two Strand Twists, Braid Locs & interlocking.
  • Loc maintenance with palm roll, interlocking & care to insure clients hair is healthy and growing.
  • Basic styling (cornrows, fishtail styles, & updos).

Intermediate Class

$270 | 2-Hours


  • Braid locs & Interlocking maintenance
  • Advanced styling
  • Two and three in one styling
  • Repairs & reconstruction
  • Wrapped Loc Extensions with Human Hair

Advanced Class

$330 | 2-Hours


  • All Crochet services on Kinky, Curly & Straight hair Textures
  • Instant locs
  • Crochet Loc Extensions
  • Repairs on all textures

All Class Levels

$810 | 6-Hours


  • How to start and maintain crocheted Locs on African American, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, and Mixed Hair Textures
  • How to Install Loc Extensions on loose hair as well as existing locs
  • How to create pre-made Locs with Afro kinky human hair as well as straight human hair.
  • How to repair locs with and without adding hair.

    Learning these techniques will give you the knowledge and skills to create instant locs on any texture of hair

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Invest into your Loctician career with the most proficient hands on learning experience in Houston.