Our Bios

Follow the stories for each of our staff to hear how each of us has grown to reach the level of experience & competence we bring to our occupation today at The Loc Den.

Shenate (Founder)

In 2005 I stepped on to the campus of PVAMU with only $200 and a dream! I had no clue of what I was building then, I only knew I wanted more. I was in a fight for my life, I wanted to succeed and bring my people with me. I sat in the school washeteria , 2 weeks into my freshman semester (September 2005) trying to figure out how I can make a way out of what seemed to be no way available, when suddenly a light bulb went off as a young man with long Locs passed by. That light of an idea said “you can do his hair! , and charge $15 bucks”. It all started with that $15 and a dream, now 13 years later The Loc Den has officially been in business for more than 7 years and counting! I owe it all to our faithful & beloved clientele, that trust and continue to patronize us day after day, month after month, year after year. I sincerely thank you all, and know that we will continue to provide each of you with the best Loc service, advice, and healthy up keep possible.